How to Stage Your Bonus Room for a Quick Sale


We all have one of those ‘catch all’ rooms that we don’t know what to do with. It becomes the dumping ground for all our stuff. Maybe we had grandiose plans for it in the past but, when your house is on the market, time is up. You need to make sure potential buyers are not confused. Short of labeling the room with a big sign, you have to stage it so that buyers understand its purpose. It’s tough to see potential behind all those cardboard boxes.

So, how do you stage your bonus room?

Assess Your Needs:

If you have a 2 bedroom house in an area where 3 bedrooms are prevalent, try staging your bonus room as a guest bedroom. Clear everything out and make room for a bed, dresser, and nightstand. Borrow one, if you have to, or fake it with cardboard boxes and a blow-up camping mattress. No one is actually going to sleep there. It just needs to be staged as if they were.

Check out the Competition:

Ask your Realtor to pull up comps. This is basically a list of your competition. If most of them feature a home office, you should, too. Stage your extra space to wow the work-from-home buyer. Add a desk, good task lighting, and a comfy chair or small sofa.

Take it Over the Top:

If your home already has a guest bedroom and a home office, you are off to a great start. Why not go over the top with your additional room? Create an extra special playroom or a craft room and wow everyone that sees your home. Simply clear out the clutter and re-decorate the space with that theme in mind. Buyers will get a clear picture of how they can use the space, which can help you sell quicker and for more money.