Help! I Have My First Showing – Now What

The front desk just called and informed you that you have your very first showing scheduled. Don’t panic. This is not as hard you may think.

  1. Clean: Hopefully, you gave your home a deep, down clean prior to putting it on the market and you just need to pick things up as you go. Don’t worry about the playroom, if you have kids. Buyers usually get it. Concentrate on your kitchen and bathrooms. Clear those counters and give them the illusion of space.
  2. No Closet Left Unturned: Buyers will look in every single closet. They will pull back the shower curtain. They will open your cupboards. It doesn’t have to be perfect; you should just be aware. You can’t shove everything in there, like when you cleaned your room as a kid. Sorry.
  3. Pets: If at all possible, take your pets with you when you leave for a showing. They do not need to be home. It is an inconvenience, yes, but your goal is to make potential buyers feel as welcome as possible. Fido may be sweet, but not everyone is a dog person.
  4. Temperature: We all adjust the temperature when we leave the house for work, but this is not the time to save a few pennies. Let the air run. You want buyers to be comfortable in your home. Plus, if it is stuffy, their mind may wander to expensive cooling bills and poor insulation. Valid, or not.
  5. Lighting: As crazy as it may sound, turn on every light and open all the blinds and curtains before you leave the house. It may not be energy-efficient, but it really helps to show off your home. Let buyer’s leave referring to your house as the one that was light and airy.

Deep breath. You can do this.